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Human Impact points to the myriad of ways in which human beings can be affected in their lives, from intimate relationships and emotional experience to privacy violations with personal data to widespread societal impacts at the level of the economy, government, and social structure.

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Adversary's Motivations emphasizes the variety of reasons an individual or group might wish to attack a system, from ideological reasons focused on religion, politics, or diplomacy to more self-oriented motivations such as convenience or self promotion.

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Adversary's Resources presents an array of different assets that might be at an adversary's disposal, from hardware and software tools to the ability to influence the actions of groups of people, or access to technical or social expertise.

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Adversary's Methods explores high-level ways that an adversary might approach attacking a system, from the familiar technological attack to manipulating or coercing people, covering up evidence, or leveraging logistical and bureaucratic processes.

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